Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Video

It is nice to go on walks every once and a while around the temple. It is being worked on right now and will not be open for another year but just being on the grounds gives us a little taste of paradise.

Last Saturday we worked on the farm for a little while and it is much harder work than I thought it would be, I came away with a nice little blister on my left hand. Our building is the closest building to the farm and the temple so it doesn't take very long to get to either.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I was Runnin (Forest Gump)

So some of you know that my parents are crazy enough to run a marathon and they just emailed me their training schedule. Running has never been my thing but if my parents who are almost double my age are capable of running a marathon I should probably try to keep up. (It is sad when you have to try to keep up with your parents when you are 25 but come on just look at my parents)

So I started training this week and I have to say things are going well. The humidity here makes running a very cleansing activity.

I probably lost a gallon of sweat on my short run.

She will probably deny it but I am sure Amber was turned on by her extremely sweaty husband walking in totally soaked wearing short shorts that show off his skinny white legs. After walking in the house I walked around in circles and stretched. Then we watched So you think you can Dance, the end.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just an Update

Amber and I finished spring term today and it is a relief to be done for a while. Amber is going to have to start all over again on monday but I don't have to go back until mid-september. I will be working this next week as a driver for BYU taking kids to the airport and picking more up. It will be good to work and have a break from school. I am sure that I will be excited to start school again come september.

As most of you know Amber got a job as a Resident Advisor for our apartments which means she works 19 hours a week and instead of getting paid we get free rent. It is a very competetive position and we are really blessed that she got hired. We have been really blessed since we got married and especially since we moved here. God blesses us with tender mercies all the time and for that we are grateful. I got a calling a week and a half ago as 2nd counselor in the Elder's quorum presidency. We like our ward a lot, everyone is really nice and there are a ton of Brazilians so I get to practice my portuguese on a weekly basis.

So that is an update on our life here in hawaii we just got back from the gym and we need to get to bed. Night Night.