Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Pregnancy Pictures

I'm 34 weeks prego and have 40 days to go. Many family members and friends have asked to see pictures but since our camera decides when to work and when not to it has been hard to take consistent pictures of my belly. Here are some starting from the first day I found out and up to 33 weeks. ENJOY!!

Graduation and Camping

Just want to catch up on a few things that have happened recently. I graduated from BYU-Hawaii with a Bachelor's in Social Work. I am so HAPPY to be done...well almost, I'm half way through with my internship at the Counseling Center on campus and then I will be COMPLETELY done for good. I always hoped of graduating from a 4 year college, but never actually thought I would. If it weren't for Jason encouraging me and pursuing college himself I doubt I would have finished. I'm glad we decided to come here and go to school. Now we are just waiting for Jason to finish in December.

Camping at Kualoa Ranch
We've been wanting to go camping since we moved to Hawaii and we had the chance to go to Kualoa ranch with some friends. Usually you have to pay to go on tours and hike on the private property, but our friend Amy works at the ranch. Many movies film scenes at this ranch one of them being Jurassic Park. We were lucky enough to get to go. The hike we went on was about 3 hours and it was so beautiful there. Our camera broke so we didn't get very many pictures, but we enjoyed our time. Our tent ended up not being waterproof so we had puddles of water inside that got everything wet and the ground was not too comfy to sleep on (Jason didn't enjoy the sleeping part), but everything else was great. We had a campfire, foil dinners, smores, and fun hanging out with friends.