Sunday, March 15, 2009

No, I don't just surf all the time.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not at the beach all the time. Most of my days are spent at school and reading for school. Currently I am enrolled in 5 classes including three upper division history courses. I have a Book of Mormon class that is extremely easy because all I have to do is read and go to class to get an A. My second class is an Early Modern Europe. My third class of the day is an eternal marriage class that also requires very little effort. The next class is a class on the History of Buddhism that is taught by a professor who is a well known scholar on Buddhism. Finally, I end my day in a class that discusses the way Christ is viewed by Christians (Non-LDS) throughout history in art, literature, and music. We just finished reading Mere Christianity.
I don't go to the beach everyday and the days that I do go usually include at least 4 hours of reading and writing. Right now I am reading 7 different books. Who'd a thunk a History major would have to read so much.
Studying at this University has been quite enjoyable so far and I look forward to the future classes. I have already registered for my spring term classes which include a class on modern Nationalism and Globalization and the class that I am most excited about, History of Surfing.
It is much more fun to post things about what I know not many people get to experience, mainly living 2 minutes from the beach in Hawaii. As my good friend Alec wrote on his blog list about our blog, "WARNING: Only visit if you are ready to be jealous because they live it Hawaii."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Body Surfing

So this past week I have been able to go body surfing quite a few times. For those of you who have never gone body surfing I will first say I'm sorry, it is one of the most amazing feelings you can ever experience. There is a beach that is located about a mile and a half away that is called pounders beach. The wave crashes right up on the shore and comes in with a lot of power. It usually just closes out and you get a short lived drop then a nice little pounding into the sand if you aren't able to sneak out the back before it crashes on you.
The beauty about body surfing is that you can do it without having to buy any equipment. I do recommend getting some fins to help you catch the wave but you can usually get those for pretty cheap (or just have a best friend who is a beach lifeguard here in hawaii and can get nice ones for free). I just run down to pounders then body surf for about an hour and run home. I have been trying to get to the beach everyday this past week even though it has been pretty overcast. It was so cold that I wore pants a few days in a row, and a long sleeve shirt.
Anyways, body surfing rocks and it is easily learned. There is a competition at the famous Banzai Pipeline at the end of this month and I am thinking of entering it just for the free t-shirt. If anyone wants to sponsor me there is a $20.00 entry fee.
(I am just kidding about the sponsorship.)