Friday, November 5, 2010

Hoodie and SHOES

It has been raining quite a bit lately in Hawaii and it has been more chilly. Jackson hardly ever wears jackets, pants, or I decided to take advantage of this cold day. Here he is in his hoodie.

He didn't know what to think about his shoes. He sure didn't know what they were and why they were on his feet. He STARED.....
and STARED.....

and STARED.....

STARED some more....

and MORE....


First Timers

Jackson is almost 4 1/2 months old. He is growing so fast and doing new things each day. He is a happy baby and still very mellow and easy going.

Some recent things he has done for the FIRST time are:
1st plane ride, 1st time in another state (California), 1st time dressing up for Halloween, 1st time eating rice cereal, and his 1st time going into the ocean.

Eating rice cereal (video is posted on facebook)

1st time in the ocean...he LOVES the water!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jason or Jackson?

Jason just recently got this picture (thank you Aunt Kristy) and posted it as his facebook picture. Lots of people thought it was Jackson at first, but this is Jason at 3 months old. Jackson definitely resembles his daddy. Jackson has his daddy's nose, lips (my brother calls them Angelina Jolie lips), and just as much hair as he did too. We are waiting to see what color eyes Jackson will have..sometimes they look blue/green and other times brown.

Jackson is 2 months in these pics. Jason is the one in the middle.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jackson Kekoa

Alright, we gotta catch up. Here are some photos of Jackson starting from when he was first born to now. Jackson is already 2 months old. He weighs 12 lbs and is 23 3/4 in. He smiles a lot and talks to us by cooing.
Jason and I love him to death!
Jackson is our precious little boy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Job Opportunity

On December 17th of this year I will be joining millions of recent graduates in this country. As I approach the final chapter in my undergraduate education the fear of entering the job market has started burning in my heart. NPR is doing a series that follows recent graduates in their search for jobs during these tough economic times. This series has been going on for over a year now and there are still many who graduated in 2009 that are now competing with the recent grads for jobs.
Listening to this series has given me a pretty negative attitude towards graduating. I actually thought to myself, "maybe I can extend my graduation date to June 2011 so I have more time to find a job."
What makes my job search difficult is the fact that I will only work for 8 months because I start graduate school in September 2011.
The closer I got to graduation the more nervous I started to get. I know people who have been unemployed in California for over 2 years and California was our planned destination following my graduation.

Plans have changed, earlier this month I was offered a job here at BYU-Hawaii designing and teaching online History courses. We are now staying until June 1st and I will continue designing courses from California during the summer until I enter grad school in the fall.
I feel extremely blessed to have a job opportunity during these tough economic times. It looks like our adventures in Hawaii will continue.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Pregnancy Pictures

I'm 34 weeks prego and have 40 days to go. Many family members and friends have asked to see pictures but since our camera decides when to work and when not to it has been hard to take consistent pictures of my belly. Here are some starting from the first day I found out and up to 33 weeks. ENJOY!!

Graduation and Camping

Just want to catch up on a few things that have happened recently. I graduated from BYU-Hawaii with a Bachelor's in Social Work. I am so HAPPY to be done...well almost, I'm half way through with my internship at the Counseling Center on campus and then I will be COMPLETELY done for good. I always hoped of graduating from a 4 year college, but never actually thought I would. If it weren't for Jason encouraging me and pursuing college himself I doubt I would have finished. I'm glad we decided to come here and go to school. Now we are just waiting for Jason to finish in December.

Camping at Kualoa Ranch
We've been wanting to go camping since we moved to Hawaii and we had the chance to go to Kualoa ranch with some friends. Usually you have to pay to go on tours and hike on the private property, but our friend Amy works at the ranch. Many movies film scenes at this ranch one of them being Jurassic Park. We were lucky enough to get to go. The hike we went on was about 3 hours and it was so beautiful there. Our camera broke so we didn't get very many pictures, but we enjoyed our time. Our tent ended up not being waterproof so we had puddles of water inside that got everything wet and the ground was not too comfy to sleep on (Jason didn't enjoy the sleeping part), but everything else was great. We had a campfire, foil dinners, smores, and fun hanging out with friends.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And the sex is....

So I am pretty sure the title has misled all of you to think we know the sex of our child.

February 11th will be an exciting day for us. We are going to find out the sex of our little baby. Yesterday Amber had a check up and the doctor said her blood work was done and she was in perfect health for baby making. We are really excited to find out and hope that the month goes by quickly.

Oh yeah, I went surfing again this morning. Life is good.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby on the Way.

We are really excited to have a baby on the way. The new addition to our family will be arriving around July 9th. I am pretty sure our blog will have updates a lot more often from now on. Babies seem to be a popular blogging subject.