Thursday, May 21, 2009

Easy A vs. Higher Education

I used to pride myself on my ability to BS long papers and fill pages with practically nothing. This has been the result of many years of page requirements and professors that didn't mind BSing. Unfortunately my ability has been called out by one of my professors and it is being reflected in my grades. I have yet to receive an A on a single assignment.

What has happened and what should I do? I have a dilemma. The professor is really smart and I feel like he pushes me and I learn a lot. People have told me that this professor prepares people for Grad-School because he expects a lot out of you. There is no regurgitation of other people's ideas in his class, you are expected to develop your own idea. So he prepares me for grad school. Unfortunately in order to get into grad school I need to earn the grades that will make me competitive. So either I take more of his classes and lower my GPA but learn or I take classes from other professors that grade easier.

I am not saying that all my other professors are easy A's. They are also difficult but this one professor is on another level. I am usually really good at reading the professor and determining what he wants for me to earn an A.

Do I focus on the superficial grades that will help me get into Grad school or do I focus on getting the best education possible and sacrifice my perfect GPA? But then how can I get into grad school without that GPA.

What do you guys think? Does this post even make sense?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Education is Freedom

One of my classes this term requires us to read 5 different books on Nationalism and Globalization. Both topics are very interesting but currently I am reading one of the Globalization books. The book that I am reading right now is called Development is Freedom. The argument is well summarized in the title but to clarify it is speaking of economic and social development leads to more ability to exercise agency.

I think because I am going to be a professor I automatically gravitate to the idea of education being an extremely important aspect of progression. The book argues that a more educated populace participates more in the community and also brings more economic prosperity. Since I agree with this conclusion I am extremely confused with the country and its policies.

It seems ridiculous to me that teachers receive such a low salary when their occupation is so important to the progress of the community. Did you know that the flight over Manhattan of Air Force One was for a picture? I heard that it cost tax payers either $3,000,000.00 dollars or $300,000.00 dollars, I can't remember exactly but both seem a little steep when we have a trillion dollar budget deficit. Where are our priorities here? Photo shop is way cheaper. And why do we need pictures of Air Force One flying over the statue of Liberty?

Amber wants me to come to bed now so I am ending this but I just had these thoughts so I thought I would share them. We need some serious change in this world if we want the world to be a better place.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you for your comments; side note: I got a Job!

After not so serious consideration I have decided to continue posting on our blog. (I say our because we are sealed as one but Amber doesn't post anything.) Thanks to your comments I have more motivation to post. Rob I like the fact that this can serve as my journal so it doesn't matter if no one reads it now. It is clear that some people do read this and thanks to Alec's suggestion I now know all the details on everyone who visits my blog through google analytics. (That word just made me think of Arrested Development, "analyst" and a "therapist," an "analrapist.") So I continue my documentation of our life in hawaii.

Oh yeah, I got a new job as a Manny (a male nanny) Cache is the cutest 7 1/2 month old son of Logan and Jennilee Calkins. I watch him on monday, wednesday, and friday while his parents are at work and school. As you can see life is rough here in hawaii.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Does anyone read my posts?

So I am trying to figure out if I want to keep adding things to our blog. Is there any way to see how many people enter my page? I just don't want to add anything if I am the only one reading it. I am also trying to think of topics other than surfing and waterfalls that people might be interested in. Any thoughts? Did anyone even read this?