Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Hawaiian Adventure

So many of you don't know what made us decide to come out here to Hawaii for school. There are those obvious reasons that brings everyone to Hawaii on vacation, surfing, hiking, weather, and the gorgeous landscape. We really do live in a paradise.

Amber did not have a clue that I had ever thought about coming here when we got married and to tell you the truth I didn't really even consider it until after we were married. When we first moved into our apartment in Citrus Heights our brother in-law Phil hooked us up with Direct TV for the summer as a wedding gift. One Sunday I turned on BYU-TV (which I should probably watch more often) and watched a devotional given by the University Archivist and Associate History Professor Matt Kester. I only remember a few of the things he talked about but what I remember most was that I got this strong desire to come here and study History. Brother Kester talked about one of the missions of the school being World Peace and he talked a little bit about his life as a young surfer. It was then that I decided on being a History major, I had played with the idea of teaching already but it was that day that I really decided to go with it (I hadn't taken a single history course in college before that moment).

So I applied, to both Provo and Hawaii, all the time doubting I would even get into school here since there are only a little over 2400 students. I was hoping I would get in but thinking I had a better chance at Provo (all the while never even wanting to go to Provo). I was first accepted to Hawaii and I was so excited. I couldn't believe that I got in, then we waited for a few weeks for Provo to get back to us. Amber would have preferred Provo so she was hoping I got accepted. But come on, that would have been such a horrible dilemma to put me through; Hawaii, where I would be able to surf again and connect better with professors because of the smaller classrooms, Or Provo, where Amber wanted to go and a lot of friends and family live nearby.

Well I wasn't accepted to Provo so that made the decision so much easier on me. Amber was supportive of me even though I knew she was bummed about the move.

We moved here and it has been all blessings all the time. We are so grateful for all the blessings we have received. Amber was able to find a job during the winter semester right when we got here then she applied and was accepted to the Social Work major and started in the spring. She is on track to graduate next summer, before me. We have made many new friends and have learned so much. Right when Amber was accepted to school we got into the on campus housing which saved us around $200 a month, then Amber got a job as a RA which allows us to live here rent free.

I started my full time job a couple weeks ago in the University Archives and it is the perfect job for me as a History major. My new boss is Matt Kester, the surfer from the devotional, and he is a rad boss. The Archives has potential to be a really boring job but I work with some really cool guys and I have a cool boss. Yesterday he took all the Archival Assistants to get ice cream.

Amber and I have grown a lot from the experiences we have had here and I can truly say that she is my best friend. We grow closer everyday and we laugh a lot together. She is hilarious! I love her and am so grateful that she puts up with me. We have had a blast these last 8 months here and we are really looking forward to the next year and a half of life on our Hawaiian adventure.

Amber and I at the PCC for the winter ball.